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Logo Adwit networkProfessional solution for creation and development of ad networks.Guarantees growth for publishing
networks and automated acquisition of new advertisers. Exclusive targeting technology, innovative
and anti-fraud system guarantee performance, growth and security.

Target clientele

  • Media placement professionals who want to set up their own automated ad networks;
  • Print media buyers who want fast, simple, successful solutions for internet ad placement networks;
  • Specialized business professionals with potential advertisers, who want to develop specialized advertising networks;
  • Local entrepreneurs with potential advertisers networks who want to develop local advertising networks;
  • Owners or administrators of Website networks, blogs, or social networks, who want automated registration, validation, ad management solutions and payment for network members.

Main advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Automated advertiser registration, credit card processing, self-service ads management account
  • Automated publisher registration, management, classification, payment and billing system
  • CPC/CPM bidding system (Auction pricing)and eCPM optimization
  • Advanced customization
  • Access to detailed statistics
  • Multi-format management, including In-Text ads
  • Geotargeting for both cities and countries
  • On-demand Behavioural Optimization
  • Customizable legal documents
  • Dedicated Servers for High Traffic Volume
  • Hotline service
  • Exclusive upgrades


  • Monthly rate package: $199
  • Rate per thousand excess impressions: $0,04
  • No installation fees
  • Cancel / Downgrade Plan at Any Time