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Self service ad management and optimization solution for high traffic sites and media companies. It maximizes
for unsold inventory, creates new, value-added space, helps fulfill current advertising contracts and
brings in new advertisers. This CPC/CPM/PPP (Pay Per Period) solution supports online advertiser
registration, credit card processing, self service advertiser accounts and optimization of all your ad spots.

Target clientele

  • High traffic sites, social networks or private website networks who want to attract new users to fill out its unsold inventory or directly sell dedicated ad spaces, while maintaining quality control over display ads;
  • Specialized websites and locally based sites (such as newspapers) with direct relationships to small or medium sized advertisers
  • Adwit local users with growing traffic
  • Potential Adwit-network users with direct relationship to several very “close” websites, who want to start building their network by registering new advertisers (They will build partner relationship with other websites in a second time.)

Main advantages

  • Easy to use
  • Online advertiser registration
  • Online Credit Card Processing
  • Advertiser self-service management account
  • Ad validation platform
  • Advanced ad optimization system (eCPM basis)
  • Pay per day, CPC, CPM monetization models
  • Geotargeting for both cities and countries
  • Access to detailed statistics
  • Advanced customization
  • Multiformat management (Banners, Text links, 3rd party ads)
  • Customizable legal documents
  • On-demand automated ad feeds and behavioural optimization
  • Hotline service (Phone, Email, Live chat) 24/7


  • Monthly rate package: $59
  • Rate per thousand excess impressions: $0,10
  • No installation fees
  • Cancel / Upgrade / Downgrade Plan at Any Time